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Fall 2020 Grant Recipients

Awards in the Traditional Grant Program:

Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District       Water Treatment Back-up System                              $200,000.00

New Castle, Town of                                     Biosolid Drying Facility                                                $100,000.00

Parachute, Town of                                        PATS Mechanical Lift                                                    $  25,000.00

Rifle, City of                                                    Railroad Ave, Third Street (Phase 1)                           $200,000.00

Silt, Town of                                                   7th Street Improvements                                            $200,000.00

Awards in the Mini Grant Program:

New Castle, Town of                                      Town Hall Improvements                                            $ 25,000.00

Parachute, Town of                                        PATS Mobile Repair Truck                                           $ 25,000.00

Silt, Town of                                                   Wastewater Hoist System                                           $25,000.00          

Grants awarded for the Fall 2020 Grant Cycle totaled $800,000.00 with $725,000.00 awarded through five grants in the Traditional Grant Program, and $75,000.00 awarded through three grants in the Mini Grant Program. 

Since its inception in 2011, the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District Board of Directors has awarded 255 grants totaling $27,637,748.83, including $70,000.00 in Grantee of the Year Awards.